Wednesday, April 16, 2014

One of the most important things you can do in order to achieve a beautiful landscape is to know some of the best plants you can use. Though landscaping is a difficult task, know that there are experts who can help you out. In fact, they can provide you with invaluable landscaping tips so you can achieve the beauty you want for your backyard.
Best Landscaping Plants You Might Not Know About
Lenten Rose - This is not really a rose at all; rather it is a hellebore. This kind of flower is valued for its early-blooming quality. Apart from that, other equally salient traits of this flower will include the persistence of its trademark sepals, as well as the longevity and beauty of its leathery, evergreen leaves.
Kiwi Vines - They are grown for their variegated leaves. Although this plant offers excellent interest in during spring, the display it puts on during that time can be very breathtaking. Know that this plant can become tri-colored, flashing colors of white, green and pink. This unusual characteristic is indeed its outstanding feature. For optimal display, the kiwi vines are considered best grown on supporting structures like sturdy trellises, wooden fences, and the like.
Golden Chain Trees - Similar to kiwi vines, these trees are showy in spring. In fact, if it flowers, it can light up the whole yard. Plant pros describe this as a deciduous flowering tree.
Crown Imperial - This is one of the best flowers that can offer quite a bit of drama even if they fly solo. Indeed, this is a spring-flowering bulb plant that you want to grow if you want an attention-grabber, with yellow, orange or red blooms.
Adonis - These flowers are well-suited to rock gardens. Know that these perennials bear attractive foliage and cheerfully colored flowers. Their outstanding feature is indeed their precociousness in blooming.
Virginia Sweetspire - This is another bush that has huge potential to become a fall-foliage standout. This landscaping plant is best grown in full sun. The best features of this plant if the burgundy color of their autumn leaves. They actually do bear lots of flower heads.
Contorted Hazelnut Bushes - This landscaping plant is indeed considered a must-have for the winter yard. This bush is indeed at its best during winter, when its leaves will no longer mask its madcap branching pattern. Be aware that this bush is not grown for its blooms; rather, for its unusual branching patterns.


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